Scheduling & Registration Coordinator



  • Shall ensure that all applications for permits for the use of the facilities required are properly submitted to the proper authorities at the Town of Aurora Municipal offices or The Township of King Municipal offices in a timely fashion.
  • Shall obtain copies of all permits from the Town of Aurora Municipal Offices or The Township of King Municipal Offices and submit those permits to the VP of Finance & Admin for signature.
  • Be the Association’s main point of contact with both Town Municipal offices on all permit related matters, including providing feedback to the Municipal offices on concerns related to the diamonds permitted (need chalk etc.).
  • Shall manage the overall schedule of diamond time for the Association - fully utilizing the ball diamonds and facilities available.
  • Shall develop the game and practice schedule for all house league divisions as per policy.
  • Shall ensure that each rep and select team have the appropriate diamond time allocated as per policy.
  • Shall liaison with the VP Operations to ensue he knows which diamonds are used for which divisions and when teams start using them so he can ensure diamonds are adequately stocked with equipment.
  • Shall make available to any coach that may require more practice time, possible options, that may arise due to changes in scheduling.
  • Shall ensure on-line registration set up included with current year registration fees.
  • Shall review and update the registration forms, annually, to ensure accuracy of the information required.
  • Shall liaison with the VP Finance & Admin with regards to the off-line payment report to ensure everyone who selected the off-line payment report has properly registered.
  • Shall provide an updated report on the status of registration at each Board of Directors meetings.
  • Shall provide a list of registered rep and select players to the Vice President so they can follow up with coaches on those not registered.