Sponsorship coordinator


10% of Sponsorships Obtained

  • Shall organize the sponsorships of teams and other functions as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Shall solicit house league sponsorships from local businesses
  • Shall organize the recruiters to assist in obtaining house league sponsors.
  • Shall ensure that the recruiters fill out the forms properly and collect all funds in the appropriate amounts.
  • Shall properly document each sponsor with a record of:
  • the name of the sponsor,
  • the amount of funds being donated,
  • the utilization of the funds (for which team or function),
  • a copy of the receipt provided to the sponsor,
  • a copy of the artwork or logo and / or any special requests that the sponsor wants included on the uniforms and / or recognition of support to CVBA).
  • Shall collect all funds from the sponsorship recruiters and sponsors and forward the funds, in a timely fashion, to the VP Finance & Admin for deposit.
  • Shall report any outstanding or delinquent accounts to the Executive.
  • Shall provide the VP Operations a full list of sponsors per house league division and what colour jersey should be matched to that sponsor. Also, indicate on that list that a sponsor is from King and wants to be associated with a King house league team.