$3,000 Honorarium

  • Shall assist the Association achieve the mission and objectives of AKBA by co-coordinating and establishing good quality umpires.
  • Shall recruit new umpires annually.
  • Shall ensure that umpires are properly trained and maintain the standards of umpires required by AKBA and Baseball Ontario
  • Shall host for any AKBA run Baseball Ontario umpire training courses as required.
  • Shall appoint umpires to every home game for all rep and select teams as well as any tournaments hosted by a rep or select team.
  • Shall appoint umpires to every house league game.
  • Shall ensure there is an umpire at every game that requires one.
  • Shall liaison with the Division Convenors as well as the VP Competitive Teams on any umpire related matter.
  • Shall act as a liaison with the umpires, such that the concerns of the umpires may be communicated with the AKBA Executive and the philosophies and objectives of AKBA may be communicated with the umpires.
  • Shall sit on a discipline panel for any matters that relate to an umpire.