House league convenor

Call For House League Convenors

Our house league program relies on the help of people like you to be successful and run smoothly and effectively.

The AKBA Board is looking for volunteer coordinators, who will be responsible for running one of our age groups (Divisions).

Our convenors are dedicated to the oversight of each Division before, during and after each playing season. They help recruit coaches, ensure that Division practices and evaluations run smoothly, that the teams are balanced to the extent possible and that any issues or concerns throughout the summer are handled appropriately.

We truly appreciate the time and effort expended by these volunteers.  Thank you for all that you do.

See the description below and please reach out if you think you can help.



  • April
  • Assist in developing a plan for player evaluation day for your respective division.
  • Continue to recruit coaches.
  • May
  • Attend evaluation day and organize volunteers at the stations for your respective division.
  • Continue to recruit coaches.
  • Assist with the creation of teams and assign coaches for your respective division.
  • Lead pre-season coaches meeting for your respective division (linked to equipment pick-up day ideally), to review rules, expectations etc.
  • Communicate with coaches and when appropriate the entire division, including sharing key dates, photo day information and playoff schedule information.
  • June & July
  • Manage disputes and escalate to the VP of House League as required.
  • Help coordinate the scheduling of make-up games for your respective division within the parameters of the AKBA Scheduler.
  • August
  • Same activities listed for June and July.
  • Attend the final weekend for your respective division, hand out awards that are supposed to be handed out at any year-end event, manage disputes and communicate schedule as developed by the respective Scheduler.
  • Ensure all teams' player evaluations are submitted and provided the VP of House League.
  • Assist in the collection of team equipment bags/buckets – coordinating equipment collection with the VP of Operations.
  • Assist the VP of Operations in the collection of diamond equipment from diamonds as required.
  • September
  • By September 15th, provide a year-end report to the VP of House League, along with the year-end evaluations from all the teams. The year-end report includes a  summary of your recommendations for next year that can be passed to the next Division Convener.
  • If not planning on returning as Division Convener for the following year, assist in the
    recruitment of, or make suggestions on a successor for your division if possible.